Written by Miranda Alexa Alcantar, Mason Dobie, William Rangel-Silva, Alex Mohr and Jerimiah Aguilar

Photographers: Bryce Wasem and Reggie Smith

Animation created by Alex Mohr

“I want everyone to be involved. I want us to have the most rockin’ student section that we’ve ever had.”

-Coach Love
CCHS Color Guard doing their pop music routine for the students.
Cedar Creek High School, August 30th, 2019

Last Friday, August 30, was Cedar Creek High school’s first pep rally of the school year!

The purpose of our fifth annual Glow Out pep rally is to celebrate the Cedar Creek football team’s first game of the season. Let it be known that the pep rally was one of the best pep rallies this school has experienced to date.

Cheerleaders getting the pep rally started off with the first performance of the day.
Cedar Creek High School, August 30th, 2019

Coach Love is in charge of this traditional occasion. She united the drill team, cheer team, colorguard, and band in order to support the CCHS varsity football team.

Everyone involved has worked extremely hard and dedicated their time and energy into this event. It was a pleasant surprise to see the student body interact and show their school pride. 

CCHS drumline and band showing school spirit the right way.
Cedar Creek High School, August 30th, 2019

What most people don’t realize is everything that goes on behind the scenes when setting up a pep rally.

Our band, drill team, colorguard and cheerleaders spend a lot of time practicing to perfect their performances for each pep rally. The students involved need at least a week or two to prepare for their performances.

Junior cheerleader, Caitlyn Maddox, expresses her participation in the event. “We have to get things together for the game, for the decorations, get music together and prepare a dance and get all the other activities.”

Coach Kramer and the cheerleaders running through there cheer routines
Cedar Creek High School, August 30th, 2019

The cheer squad has to plan out what activities will be presented and how much time each game might take. Furthermore, they have to practice and perform their own cheer chants and also decorate the gym.

At times taking orders under new management isn’t the easiest.

However, Cedar Creek’s drill team has been doing a great job training with guidance and support from their new director Ms. Robbins.  Ms. Robbins was very impressed with the Eaglettes’ first pep rally performance. “We usually need one or two weeks [to practice] but our team is really good. They learned that [hip hop routine] in two-three days!” 

Ms. Robbins is the new CCHS drill team director.
Cedar Creek High School, August 30th, 2019

The Eaglettes practice every day for about 3 hours every morning. They use that time to polish their bright and colorful pep rally routines. They also rehearse their football-halftime routines that they need to perform at every home football game. That’s not even including the additional hours the dancers must practice on their own.

On Thursday, September 12th we will celebrate Homecoming with a club parade and pep rally starting at 3:25PM! Where all of you BLUE and homecoming accessories. Come out and show your school spirit! Go Eagles!

Here is the 2019 CCHS Homecoming Dress Up schedule!

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