Written by Miranda Alexa Alcantar, Mason Dobie, William Rangel-Silva, Alex Mohr and Jerimiah Aguilar

Photographers: Bryce Wasem and Reggie Smith

The homecoming banner for our 2019 CCHS Homecoming Game.
Bastrop Memorial Stadium , September 12, 2019

“The climate is how you feel at school, but the [school’s] culture is what you consistently do. “

Mr. Brian Meyer

 An important aspect of being in a community is coming together for all events and having the strength to stick with each other no matter the situation.

The CCHS football players at the parade being photogenic as always!
Cedar Creek High School, September 12, 2019

For the past week, everyone in Cedar Creek has been very festive by dressing up each day of the week and making football mums to celebrate the homecoming football game. And speaking of our football team, our players put on an incredible game as they conquer the Fredericksburg Battlin’ Billies last Thursday!

Our very talented athletic trainers showing off their SATO banner at the school parade. Cedar Creek High School, September 12, 2019

Cedar Creek is growing strong and it’s showing. We are prideful and are soaring higher than ever. 

Coach Love walking the Eagle to position before the school parade.
Cedar Creek High School, September 12, 2019

Teachers and students have been showing their school spirit by participating in the dress up days. The spirit that we have for our school is a big part of our school’s success, however some people don’t realize that right away. 

“We have a lot of students who have really good school spirit but we have a lot of new students who don’t know what school spirit is. It basically means taking pride in your school and showing that pride through, maybe attire like wearing school colors or bows or whatever to express your pride in your school” Mr. Willis has stated.

The drill team’s great cheerful display facing the freshman class!
Cedar Creek High School, September 12, 2019

The importance of showing our school pride is to excite one another and support each other as a community and individuals. As we interviewed Mr. Willis, he mentions how we, the students and staff, are a part of something much bigger than just the bubble some of us stay in. This week we are delighted to say, people really stepped out of that bubble by dressing up for the themed days, such as hip hop/pop and Rock N’ Roll day. 

Cedar Creek representing our football team.
Memorial Stadium , September 12, 2019

Although dressing the part shows the confidence we have in our school, it doesn’t create the spirit one has; The kindness and support we give each other does. We asked Mr. Meyer, who is another well-spirited teacher, his thoughts about school spirit. 

The 2019 Homecoming Queen and King!
Memorial Stadium, September 12, 2019

“The climate is how you feel at school, but the culture is what you consistently do. So if we work on being consistently good to each other then I think that school spirit will fall in naturally.”

Our football team, the Eagles, have been working extremely hard this season. So far, the Eagles have won the first three games of the year. On Thursday, September 12, 2019, our school played against the Fredericksburg Billies, and we are pleased to say we won 20-12! The players have shown us their might! The head coach of the football team, Coach Edwards, is extremely proud of his team for all the work they put in and notices how much everyone is refining themselves into better athletes and people.

Left to Right: Mrs. Cornelius, Mr. Rodman, and Mrs. Staples
Our administration team expressing their confidence in our team. Memorial Stadium , September 12th, 2019

“We’re playing as a team, were coming together as a team and I think the dedication from this group, is more than what we’ve ever seen.” 

Since the last game we had was our homecoming game, the crowd was much larger compared to the other football games. This is the time we are able to enjoy our time together and embrace our friends and family who came to support the game and halftime performances. “For the people that are coming back and seeing how Cedar Creek is doing, and it’s important that were growing, improving and building on what they established when they were here.” Coach Edwards added. 

Cheerleaders of CCHS waiting to perform for the homecoming crowd.
Memorial Stadium , September 12, 2019

With the way the football team has been playing, we are certain they will continue to practice and work astoundingly.

Homecoming is more than just a football game, it’s about giving a hand when it is needed and giving each other encouragement as a community. The admiration for our school is growing year by year and really bringing us together as one. This year is the school’s 10th anniversary. Ten years ago it was nothing but an idea. Our sports teams, fine arts department, production classes and more are rising, and so is our pride. 

Cedar Creek students representing our football team at the homecoming game.
Memorial Stadium, September 12, 2019

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