Written By Eliza Trejo Maqueda, Jason McRee, Kevin Ramos

Photography by Hector Garcia

I think is just the program just bringing the students together and trying to build a culture a family that would probably be my proudest achievement”

Mrs. Limon

Cedar Creek’s Ballet Folklorico Orgullo Mexicano is a group of students that embrace the hispanic culture through cultural dance. This October, this talented group of people will be performing their dance routines at the Performing Arts Center in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The passion these students have for art and culture is an example of how much they love their culture and dance.

 Students from the folklorico team discussed their reasoning and opinions as to why they joined the CCHS’s ballet folklorico. My favorite part about being in ballet folklorico is that I get to meet new people and get closer to them and get to bond with them and become more like a family.” Many of them have stated that they become a family as well as learn things about themselves and the peers around them. 

 Although these individuals are known for dancing with beautiful dresses and fancy sombreros, they are apart of a team, and they work extremely hard to perfect every movement, every turn, and every step.

Cedar Creek High School embraces hispanic heritage through our ballet folklorico group. Many of them have said that they’ve had a passion for dancing since they were young. “My inspiration to ballet folklorico was when I was in elementary school, getting to see the high school dancers go dance for us at the pep rally and  stuff like that, or assembles and just getting to watch them have fun and I wanted to be in that fun” said Cruz.

Aside from just becoming family, they say that folklorico helps them improve their character as well as their dancing skills. They find just as much satisfaction in completing the setup of an upcoming performance as they have when it is all said and done. When asked about hispanic heritage month Ms. Limon simply stated that, “I just think that it is important for us to celebrate our hispanic community and everything that they bring to us”.

Our school values embracing culture as well as learning. Ballet Folklorico is a clear example of this and the organization allows students to learn and take part of their own culture or experience a new one.

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