Written By Eliza Trejo Maqueda, Jason McRee, Kevin Ramos

Photography by Hector Garcia

This is a lay out of four robots and a banner with its sponsors. Cedar Creek High School October 9, 2019

“I can say that I’m very proud of the boys and the girls that we have here at Cedar Creek High School.”

Mr. Lewey

Being in robotics can be quite difficult because you have to build a robot and program it, and the programming part can be challenging for some people. It takes someone who is willing to learn and teach this kind of technology to make magic from a hand-made robot.

Mr. Lewey and his group of bright students gave us some information on how they work on the inside. “I like to have our students focus on being a team driven, where each team has a captain and they come up with ideas on their own. I like to coordinate with a captain on what I think is a great agenda and then I leave them and give the team captain some autonomy on making decisions about how they want to run their practice” says Mr. Lewey.

The team has to be very professional when they compete and show good sportsmanship of course. Although Mr. Lewey also helps the team, for example building their robots and also tell them what their strategy is. Robotics consist of many tasks. It’s not just building and programming robots, it’s also includes each individual being professional around the other teams when competing in tournaments.

As Mr. Lewey said, ” The competition that we play in the F.I.R.S.T Tech Challenge is that they have some credos that they go by, one of them is gracious professionalism, gracious professionalism is a way of saying that, you know, it’s like good sportsmanship on steroids.”

Super close up of another robot; the difference is the set up because this one has claw like features.
Cedar Creek High School , October 9, 2019
Close up of a built a robot that was made by a group from the robotics team. Cedar Creek High School, October 9, 2019

This year the robots must be about 18 inches or shorter this year and they must go under a bar that’s 14 inches.

They also must make the robots able to change size in order to perform certain tasks. Students learned how to put a crane on the robot, which is required to build mini skyscrapers and other tasks that must be done.

Amelia is the leader of another team she also has to keep everyone in check and help with building and programming a robot. Cedar Creek High School, October 11, 2019

Aimee is the leader of one of the teams she has to make sure everybody is focused and helping in the robot.
Cedar Creek High School, October 11, 2019
Emily is the leader of the third team and she also has the same roles as the other leaders such as making sure everybody is paying attention and helping.
Cedar Creek High School, October 11, 2019

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