Written by Isabella Lopez, Jayson McRee, Kevin Ramos, Xavier Gomez, and Andrea Garcia

Photographer: Isabella Lopez and Sub-Xavier Gomez

The mascot shows how he cheers when ever the football team advances.
October 2 2019, Cedar Creek High School

“Just go out there [and] be wild and crazy.”

William Ali

Our beloved Cedar Creek Eagle mascot is not only a figurehead of student spirit, but a reminder that we can, and will, push through the hardships and defeats, and we will come out victorious.

The mascot brings out the school pride of the students and staff, and tries its best to spread spirit to the school that they represent. The mascot is seen as happy and energetic, but being the mascot is not as easy as it sounds, especially when all eyes are on them. This week we talked to the Cedar Creek Senior behind the mask, William Ali, in order to get a good insight as to what goes into being the Cedar Creek mascot, otherwise known as Victor E. Eagle.

2n We asked William as to how he ignites the school spirit within the students in their own way, and he had some great ways of explaining. He stated that they “don’t have any routines” and “just go out there [and] be wild and crazy.” The most important job they have is to provide school spirit when needed the most.

We asked William what are some of his favorite ways to hype up the students, to which he responded with, “To hype up the crowd I just get Jiggy with it and I just have a good time, you know? If the crowd enjoys the mascot, they’re going to cheer on their team.” When the mascot does its part to “help cheer our team on to victory.” They actually become the symbol of victory, hyping up the crowd and spreading positive energy.

The football team can feel this energy from the field, which pumps them up in their chase for victory.While the title of mascot may seem fun and easy, there is a lot of work that goes into being able to be the face of school spirit.

The Cedar Creek mascot shows just how far he is willing to go to get the team to win.
October. 2 2019, Cedar Creek High School

William’s job is a difficult one, it takes a lot of hard work and heart, but he brings a fiery spirit to the student body that could not be possible without him. Although he cannot cheer or speak, he has one trick up his sleeve that trumps all other forms of cheer, body language.

The mascot must be a master of body language in order to express their spirit and energy along with their pride in our school. He is usually free to do as he pleases with the crowd, but whether or not they have a routine shall remain. When asked about routines, this is what William has to say, “I don’t have any routinesI just go out there be wild and crazy, and get the crowd pumped up and help cheer our team on to victory.”

The mascot brings out school pride and spirit and ignites our passion for our sports teams even though it is not an easy job. Our school mascot brings school spirit to the table every time he comes out for a performance.

The mascot is the needle and thread that sews us together during pep rallies to get everyone excited for the upcoming games.“The mascot represents school spirit and pride, and you do what you love,and I love my school.So lets go get it ! ” Our mascot stated.

Our mascot is the embodiment of passion and hope for our school and allows us to be united in our quest for success.

The mascot shows how he wants to be the center of attention when it comes to school spirit.
October. 2 2019, Cedar Creek High School)

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