Color Guard performer’s practice their flag techniques before starting practice. 
January 30, 2020
Cedar Creek High School

OpeninHere at Cedar Creek High School, we have all kinds of extracurricular activities, that deserve recognition for their specific craft. Our Color guard team is a group of students who entertain and interpret music, provided by Cedar Creeks Band, during the football season. As effortlessly as it looks, colorguard is more than being able to toss a flag, it takes dance technique, courage, and passion.

Not only does Color guard perform during the football halftime shows, they also have their own competitions to attend, competing against other schools. The Color guard has talent which comes from their defined skills in which they hope to use effectively this competition season.

The skills and techniques that Color guard must maintain as they perform, and as they carry all kinds of equipment, is quite vast, complicated and consequentially difficult. Although the team members enjoy the experience of performing, they also have to go through intense training during football season to prepare for competition and make sure that they can learn the dance abilities as well as the safety methods needed to be effective and safe performance.

All of these techniques that the performers use are usually specific to one of their props; meaning, they often spend their time practicing with multiple performance props they will use at the next event.  Ms. Adebo, English teacher and director of Color guard, explains the abilities of spinning the following equipment; six foot poles, rifles, sabers and of course, flags. She continues to say, that the ability to spin the equipment doesn’t naturally, but is learned as soon as you join the team.
“I think that cultivating kids and having them learn something and try new things is what color guard is able to teach students.” Ms. Adebo states.

 Just like football season, competition season brings both stress and excitement for the team.  Former member and now manager of Cedar Creeks Colorguard, Rian Chamberlain,  shares what it’s been like for her being on the team and explains what role she plays. “They’re my team. Since I was on the team last year, I’m able to help with things they may not be able to do right away.” Despite no longer performing with her team, she continues to encourage and push them everyday to better themselves. For their contest, any obstacles or weakness they face, will be faced with the strengths that they do have technically and mentally. In her first year on color guard, Rose Alvarado extenuates on her strengths and weaknesses for this competition season.

Rian Chamberlain, the manager of color-guard posing for a picture during her interview. 
January 30, 2020
Cedar Creek High School

“A strength I have is that I am tenacious.. If you tell me to do something I’ll do it and I’ll learn it even if it takes me a while..a weakness i have is in my arms, it’s kind of difficult for me to do certain tosses with the flag.” Rose is driven to do her best in whatever she sets her mind too and won’t let anything stop her from doing so.  Both Rose and Rian are proud members of the team and regardless of any strains they may face, they will navigate through any burdens with positivism and courage. The  members of The Cedar Creeks color guard, are innovative and set on perfecting their skills as well as enjoying their memories they are making with each other.

Practicing for the big performance.
January 30, 2020
Cedar Creek High School

The skills of the color guard performers are always improving with the new knowledge and techniques that they gain from each performance and competition. Each and everyday the color guard team is determined to improve their skills, and to enjoy every minute of it. Their moves will get sharper and their flags will fly higher. With Ms. Adebo being the color guard coach there is no doubt that the color guard team will rise to the top. They deserve recognition because just like any other  school activities, color guard consists of hours and hours of practice and dedication. We wish the colorguard well, as the start of their competition season optimistically and  headstrong. 

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