Written by Miranda Alcantar, Sarah Pineda, William

Photography by Jerimiah Aguliar, Rey

Only the beginning of the fantastic Snowball dance. January 25, 2020 Cedar Creek High School

 Tradition is always important for any school, that is because traditions are responsible for giving a school its identity and reputation that sets it apart. The snowball dance has been very diligently prepared for and designed by the student council. Students found that the snowball dance was an event that they and their friends could enjoy during the weekend. The snowball was viewed by both the designers of the dance and students attending the event as an enjoyable experience and potential tradition at Cedar Creek High School.

 Behind every dance there is a purpose and a team who works diligently on the dance for it to be just perfect. Mr. Meyer and Stuco have done an outstanding job in making the Winter Formal, also known as the Snowball, come to life. They have planned every bit of it from beginning to end. The Snowball dance was meant to mimic that of a prom dance but for half the price. Many people at Cedar Creek are really happy about the upcoming dance. 

          The CCHS Student Council strives to start a new traditions such as school dances here at Cedar Creek High School; moreover, they want underclassmen to enjoy a pleasurable moment with their peers as well as raise money for the school. The idea for the Snowball Dance was first introduced by Ms. Vinclark to the Student Council members, and then later on discussed with Mr.Meyers. Mr.Meyers is a teacher here at Cedar Creek High School ,who helped push for the idea of a winter formal and turn into a reality. 

     Mr. Meyer states, “We thought that there might be a need or an opportunity to put on different events.”

 Nutter Butters , Oreos , Cupcakes covered in icing on the dessert table.
January 25, 2020 Cedar Creek High School

 The team had been working hard on every detail and decoration for the dance. Planning started around mid/late September and decided they would have it Saturday January 25th. Ms. Vinclarks’ creative eye had so many ideas for the dance decorations, and she received help from Mr. Meyers and the Student Council. Since, the theme of the dance was a snowball dance, they used sculptures as part of there decorations such as, 4 dolphins and 1 swan sculpture all made out of real ice! On the dance floor, a tent was made out of a Gossamer fabric hanging from a hoop that was connected to 6 balloons towers. For the entrance, StuCo re-used the same entrance that they used for the Homecoming dance that occurred earlier this school year, turning it into a Snowflake. They also made a small photo booth as well as lanterns with fairy lights and christmas ornaments inside a glass box. They did an amazing job making the place look like a dream.

The 2020 Snowball dance, was an overall success in the aspect of coordinating the school dance and having the student body attend the function. For some people, school events might not be their scene, but for others it is something to look back on in contentment. 

     “The snowball dance was a good way for people to come together as a whole and spend time and just have fun.  It’s also a great opportunity to be yourself”-Junior, Undrea Black shares with CCHS News. 

Dessert Galore. January 25, 2020 Cedar Creek High School

With so many people dedicated to creating and decorating for this dance, it was no doubt a blast.The winter formal dance gave people the opportunity to create memories with their friends that they’ll be able to cherish.Students joined in on the dance floor to let loose and have the time of their lives. Angel Ortega gives us his thoughts with the CCHS News.“The snowball dance was a great opportunity to have fun and be with your friend’s enjoying the dance and food that was there”.

Lovely couple at the snowball. January 25, 2020 Cedar Creek High School

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